'KI' - 3D Cover Art, Title Design for Atom Music Audio

Official 3D Album Cover Design & Title Design

Official 3D Album Cover Design & Title Design

VFX & Animation by Atis Freivald

Social Media Banner

Social Media Banner

In the fast-paced world of Hollywood entertainment production, standing out is not an option—it's a necessity. Your project's key art and visuals must radiate the same energy as your content, captivating your audience from the very first glance.
This is where "KI" takes the stage.

This 3D Album cover is a manifestation of Far-Eastern-inspired energy. Crafted for Atom Music Audio's album release, this artwork encapsulates the essence of their music in a visually mesmerizing form.
The core of "KI" centers around a captivating dragon statue, meticulously designed to exude power, mystique, and artistry. The intricate detailing, from the dragon's scales to its serpentine form, adds depth and layers of myth and wonder. The dragon's grasp of the planet Earth represents a profound synergy between nature, mythology, and global influence. It's a visual metaphor for the dragon's guardianship over the world, highlighting the significance of the music by Atom Music Audio on a global scale.

The blurry, contrasting background of a temple gate allows the dragon to take center stage, making it a powerful symbol of Atom Music Audio's project's audio dominance. The earthy browns and solid blacks in the artwork evoke intensity and intrigue, setting the stage for the cinematic audio experience.

The masterfully designed title 'KI' in the style of far—eastern calligraphy hints the connection to the overall music nerative of energy.The text, juxtaposed with the image of the dragon creates intrigue and leaves the viewer curious for more.

And the VFX animated version of the design, brings the dragon to life, making the experience even more immersive and an ideal tool for Atom Music Audio to electrify their social media and promotional campaigns, seamlessly weaving together visuals & audio.

As part of the ParadoxUnlocks' tradition, designs are a regular resident in the top 10/100 best seller charts of Amazon, utilized by major entertainment agencies in Hollywood and around the world. So we expect nothing less for this project composed by world class composers.

This Far-Eastern journey of music and visuals was designed to elevate Atom Music Audio's project above the rest.
Let the world know that they're in a league of their own.

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