🔴 Cyberpunk Album cover ''NEMESIS'' + animation made by ParadoxUnlocks

3D Cyberpunk Album cover ''NEMESIS''

3D Cyberpunk Album cover ''NEMESIS''

Epic animation by Atis Freivalds

Simple 3D animation made to showcase the 3D environment of ''NEMESIS'' made by ParadoxUnlocks

FB Banner for the Album ''NEMESIS''

FB Banner for the Album ''NEMESIS''

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I Created this Album cover / 3D Render called ''NEMESIS'', I hope you dig it.

I put a little Easter egg in the cover art as a cross-reference, could anyone guess what it is and what it means?

Created exclusively for Atom Music Audio and their newest album release ''NEMESIS'' ensuring an atmospheric epic audio experience created by brilliant artists!

This is just the beginning!

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